Screw pile load test, Golden, CO - Michael W. West and Assoc., Inc.Screw pile load test, Golden, CO - Michael W. West and Assoc., Inc.Drilling for foundation grouting at earth dam near Kremmling, CO - Michael W. West and Assoc., Inc.Drilling for micropile installation, Golden, CO - Michael W. West and Assoc., Inc.Micropile installation, Golden, CO -Michael W. West and Assoc., Inc.Drilling on north slope of Table Mountain, CO - Michael W. West and Assoc., Inc.Surficial geologic mapping in the Andes Mountains, Columbia - Michael W. West and Assoc., Inc.Foundation grouting at earth dam near Kremmling, CO - Michael W. West and Assoc., Inc.Installing Soldier Beams in Parachute, CO (Hayward Baker)Installing Shotcrete (Hayward Baker)Getting micropile rig to other side of river.  Gunnison River near Grand Junction, CO (Hayward Baker)Rooney Valley from atop Dinosaur Ridge, Golden, CO (Garner)Screw Pile Load Test in Broomfield, CO (Hayward Baker)Drilling borings with GDI Drilling, Inc. in Blanca, CO (Garner)Earthwork operations, Aurora, CO (Garner)Earthwork operations, Aurora, CO (Garner)High Park Fire Debris Flow Mitigation Fly Over (Dornfest)Dakota Ave Tunnel - Denver (Dornfest)Southern Delivery System Shaft and 105 inch TBM (Dornfest)


The Colorado Association of Geotechnical Engineers (CAGE) was established in 1995 by a small group of owners of geotechnical engineering firms in Colorado. This visionary group of founding members saw the need for a much greater exchange of technical and professional information between practicing geotechnical engineers, in an effort to advance the profession and to promote the public welfare.

Since CAGE was formed it has experienced steady and significant growth, with more than 120 current members from more than 60 different companies and organizations. Beyond the growth in the size of our membership, the organization has made great strides in promoting and improving the practice of geotechnical engineering in Colorado. CAGE’s contributions to the profession have included the hosting of regular luncheon meetings with guest speakers, sponsoring local geotechnical seminars, establishing committees to evaluate and respond to various geotechnical issues, issuing several publications, and developing Geotechnical Study Guidelines For Light Commercial and Residential Buildings in Colorado. In addition, CAGE has promoted collegial interactions between members and practitioners in related fields of geology, as well as civil and
structural engineering.

Posted Sep 24th, 2018
Don't miss the Rocky Mountain Geo-Conference! This Biannual event is produced by ASCE, CAGE, AEG and Geo-Institute of ASCE. For more information, click on the calendar event to the right.

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FRCC Job Fairs
Posted Sep 24th, 2018
Is your company interested in working with the math and science career and academic community at Front Range Community College to develop opportunities to interview potential employees that have 1 to 2 years of college level math and science classes. FRCC is planning job fairs and other activities to help their students transition into the work force. These would be good opportunities for geotechnical and materials testing companies to interact with potential employees. Please contact Sam Urton for more information at

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Posted Sep 14th, 2018
Thank you to Dr. Noorany for a great presentation. If you would like a copy of his presentation, please click on this story. Deformation of Compacted Structural Fills Iraj Noorany, Ph.D., P.E., G.E., F. ASCE Professor Emeritus, San Diego State University Consulting Geotechnical Engineer This presentation covers wetting-induced heave, settlement, and lateral fill expansion (LFE) of structural compacted fills and slopes. Examples of typical damages caused by differential heave/settlement and LFE will be discussed. The laboratory test procedures for measuring one-dimensional and three-dimensional wetting-induced swell and collapse strains will be described. Methods for analyzing and estimating amounts of heave, settlement and LFE for the design stage as well as the forensic analysis stage will be presented. The influence of fill oversize and the effect of degree of wetting will be included. These methods focus primarily on the state of practice in California and the Southwest. Guidelines for mitigating heave, settlement and LFE will be discussed briefly. A list of relevant publications is provided.

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Posted Apr 17th, 2018
Don't forget to register for the 2018 Rocky Mountain Geo-Conference being held November 2nd at the Marriott Denver West Hotel in Golden Colorado. Click the title and scroll down our meetings page for more information and registration information!

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