October 2015


Upcoming Events

· November 11—CAGE Luncheon
· December 17—CAGE and ASCE Luncheon

Drill Rig Rodeo

CAGE facilitated a Drill Rig Rodeo on October 3rd.  The purpose of the event was to measure SPT hammer energies for drill rigs. Blow counts are used by most of us daily for site evaluation and foundation design. Hammer energy measurements are important for normalizing N-values for use in numerous correlations. ASTM and industry guidance recommends hammer energy measurement (calibration) at least yearly to ensure accurate results.

We would like to thank ARS for providing a site for the rodeo. GRL Engineers performed the measurements, and Dakota Drilling and Authentic Drilling participated in the event.
Other drilling companies interested in this service can contact GRL Engineers directly for hammer measurement services.

Call for Nominations

CAGE is currently seeking nominations for the Board of Directors. Any Professional Member can serve on all positions of the Board. If you are interested in being a part of the CAGE leadership, please contact Becky Roland at broland@cagecolorado.org or 303-551-3266.
Newsletter - October 2015